"Work hard, dream big."

Label One is an independently owned direct sales and event marketing company founded in 2018 by Managing Director James Masheter. Focused on customer acquisition, we create bespoke marketing campaigns designed to bridge the gap between our clients and their consumers, giving them that personal touch that other marketing channels can’t compete with.



At Label One we understand that in any industry, the customer always comes first. We take on clients looking to increase their market share in their given industry and make a name for themselves. Our highly trained sales professionals and marketing representatives will always put your company’s brand first and treat it as their own, ensuring long-lasting relationships both with our clients and their newly acquired customers.

We take our client’s brand and get it out there where it needs to be, in public. Our event marketing campaigns allow us to reach a customer base that many online and digital marketing channels may not.

Every company’s goal is to obtain new customers and drive sales, our goal is to facilitate that process by saving our clients time, money and effort. We take care of everything from the planning, execution and reviewing of our campaigns. (See More)



We believe that diversity within the team is the key to building a strong company, our team is composed of individuals from a whole host of disciplines and backgrounds, giving us that broad experience and edge we need to represent your brand the way you need. With constant coaching and development, we can help any ambitious and hard working individual achieve the success that they are looking for. We invest in quarterly conferences across the UK designed to develop leadership and communications skills with guest speakers from all across the globe offering advice on entrepreneurship and startup success. When a team or company stops learning, it stops growing. Constant development leads to new opportunities and a bigger future for both the company and the employees working in it.

Passion and determination count for a lot, but real growth boils down to taking care of the little things. The fact that we’re new on the scene means that we have a lot to prove and want to quickly become the fastest growing company in our industry.

Being a growing start-up company, our energy and focus mainly goes on keeping things fun while constantly scouting out talented and like-minded individuals who want to expand as quickly as we do. We believe that real growth comes from a shared common goal and effective teamwork. (See more)  



We believe in our own, we work with some of the most dedicated and ambitious sales professionals around. Whether you’re already a professional looking for a career change, a recent graduate or an individual with little to no experience wanting to achieve more, our ongoing one to one coaching will teach you everything you need to help you progress at the speed that you want. We’re always on the lookout for talented individuals, to find out more about our current roles click here.



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Email: info@wearelabelone.com

Registered office address: Kingfisher House, Hurstwood Lane, Haywards Heath, West Sussex, United Kingdom, RH17 7QX