A Bright Future Awaits Language Graduates States Label One

A Bright Future Awaits Language Graduates States Label One

In the highly competitive world of the graduate jobs market, speaking a foreign language can be the golden ticket. Sheffield based marketing firm Label One believes that in the sales and marketing industry, in particular, being multilingual can give a person the edge.

Research published by The British Council states that three-quarters of British adults can’t speak a foreign language proficiently, and this can be problematic for brands when trying to reach out to a diverse audience. As an event marketing agency Label One manages pop up campaigns and presentations for leading UK brands; meeting with consumers face to face to build trust and create unique brand experiences. Communication skills play a significant role in crafting these experiences and with an estimated 300 languages currently spoken in the UK, knowing more than one language is an ideal skill. In fact, research by The Common Sense Advisory found 74% of customers would be more likely to purchase from a company that offered support in their native tongue.

For language graduates unsure of their next step, Label One is confident it can offer competitive opportunities to help them make the most of their skills and progress within the business world. Alongside keeping their clients’ brand campaigns running smoothly, the firm has a future-forward business model in place to give its workforce access to mentorship, skills workshops and an opportunity to network with a global network of entrepreneurs and peers.

A Russian Language graduate himself, Managing Director of Label One James Masheter knew he wanted to take an alternative path to success after university, but was lacking a vehicle to get him there. ‘I had always been focused on creating something for myself and wanted to do something different to what my friends were doing. The sales and marketing industry offered me the chance to do that’ outlines Mr Masheter.

Label One is eager to highlight that these opportunities are not limited to language graduates either. All candidates with a can-do attitude, natural enthusiasm and commitment to self-development can find significant success in the sales and marketing world and are urged to inquire about Label One’s latest opportunities.

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