Bar Work Could be the Step Up Your Future Needs, Yes Seriously. States Label One

While bar and hospitality work is often viewed as a stop gap, Label One is adamant that this experience makes job candidates highly valuable within the business world, and believes it can be the ticket to success.

Label One, a vibrant Sheffield based sales and marketing firm has spoken out in defence of bar and hospitality work and is eager to quash the bad reputation working in these industries often attracts. Many students work part-time in hospitality roles while they are studying or take positions in bars and restaurants after graduation while they seek more permanent career opportunities. Label One is keen to promote that these roles can be more than just a means of income and that they can teach valuable, sought-after skills; laying the foundation for long-term success in almost any field.

Coming from the hospitality industry himself, Managing Director and founder of Label One, James Masheter credits much of his success to his time working in bars. ‘Bar jobs are usually considered to be low skilled jobs, but I absolutely dispute this idea. Working in a bar develops a wealth of applicable business skills, it can be the most important career move you ever take’, outlines Mr Masheter.

Label One is keen to outline how working in hospitality can build communication and customer service skills – skills which are highly valued across the board in business. Working with the public means interacting, understanding and supporting people from every conceivable background. This is also the basis of exceptional leadership; therefore any individual looking to pursue professional leadership can learn a lot from hospitality work.

Furthermore, Label One is confident that candidates with a background in hospitality often display increased confidence and a strong work ethic, qualities businesses actively look for when recruiting. ‘In a bar or restaurant there’s rarely time to stop; you’re on your feet for your whole shift, constantly trying to remember orders, keep the bar stocked up and deliver a great service. This without a doubt builds character and teaches people about themselves and how they can stay in control under pressure.’, continues the Managing Director.

Label One is adamant that hospitality work can be the ticket to success, and that those with experience working in a fast-paced, team environment will thrive in the event sales and marketing industry. The firm is currently looking to expand its services in the next six months and as such is keen to add to its growing community of brand ambassadors. The firm is eager to hear from candidates with experience in retail and hospitality and is urging those interested in learning more to get in touch.

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