Label One Advises Young Professionals that Everything is Connected

Label One Advises Young Professionals that Everything is Connected

Sales and marketing firm Label One has been urging professionals in a recent discussion to take their time and fully invest in development now; if they wish to achieve greater things in the future.

In a critical discussion with the sales and marketing industry’s brightest new talent, Managing Director of Label One, James Masheter has been offering his advice on how to best secure sustainable success in the business world. The Managing Director is aware that young professionals often feel pressure to progress, however rushing towards the next milestone is not the best route forward. Mr. Masheter is keen to help young professionals understand the connection between what they are doing now, and what they will achieve in the future.

Label One is built on the firm belief that every action a person takes now will impact their overall success. The company works closely with a community of aspiring sales and marketing entrepreneurs. These individuals are hugely ambitious; however, this ambition can sometimes manifest itself as impatience, this is when the importance of big-picture thinking comes into play.

Mr. Masheter is keen to address that entrepreneurship is a journey and taking the time to work from the bottom up is essential to developing the skills and experience of a seasoned entrepreneur. While elements of the journey may not always cater to an individual’s true passions being able to see how the separate parts contribute to the overall goal is what drives momentum.

The power of big-picture thinking was the topic of a recent study by the University of Ohio. In a series of studies, Lead Author Paul Stillman and his team found people tended to make more efficient decisions which created the greatest value when they were in a ‘big picture’ frame of mind. It allowed them to look past their immediate situations and focus on future consequences.

Label One is now suggesting that aspiring entrepreneurs take a moment to consider their bigger picture. ‘We’re always asking our community here at Label One, where do you want to be in five, ten years’ time? What skills and experience will you need to make that possible? By looking at what they want to achieve in detail, they can see how the work they are putting in now is helping them towards that goal, and the value in mastering every aspect of the business from the ground up.’ concludes a spokesperson from the firm.


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