Label One Descend on Manchester to Sharpen Leadership Skills

To support the future goals of its people, event marketing agency Label One is preparing to travel to Manchester to attend an exclusive leadership workshop.

On the 3rd of June, Managing Director of Label One, James Masheter will be taking his workforce to Manchester for an exclusive skills workshop designed to inspire future business leaders. Taking place at Emirates Old Trafford Cricket Ground, the full day workshop will host a series of talks from sales and marketing entrepreneurs, Q&A sessions, networking opportunities, and collaborative activities to evoke the attendees’ leadership potential. With a focus on entrepreneurship and how to move forward within the sales and marketing sector, the event is expected to boost the confidence of the industry’s rising talent.

Managing Director James Masheter attended similar workshops and events when he was starting out in business and is eager to offer the same opportunities to his entire workforce to help them exceed their potential. The Managing Director is keen for his company to take more trips like this together throughout 2018, as not only can they rekindle creativity, but they can boost morale and bring people from across the company together.  ‘With goals as huge as ours a united front is essential, great results and rapid growth only happen when the people involved are having fun and are excited about what they are doing and what the future holds,’ confirmed a spokesperson for the firm.

Based in Sheffield, Label One is an independent event marketing company that offers bespoke marketing campaigns to a wide range of clients. Bridging the gap between brands and consumers the firm utilises face to face promotions and pop up presentations to drive brand engagement and deliver brand experiences with which alternative marketing methods cannot compete.

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