Label One Encourages Big Picture Thinking in Inspiring Workshops

Label One Encourages Big Picture Thinking in Inspiring Workshops

Leading a series of workshops exclusively for aspiring entrepreneurs within Sheffield’s bustling sales and marketing sector, Managing Director of Label One, James Masheter is promoting how big-picture thinking drives success.

Continuing a central theme to encourage young professionals to look further than the here and now, Label One has been holding a series of workshops to inspire big picture thinking and to educate professionals on why it is so critical to set longer-term goals when striving for sustainable success in business.

James Masheter, managing director at Label One, works with aspiring entrepreneurs on a daily basis and is eager to set them on the right path to success within the competitive sales and marketing arena. While these individuals all display ambition, Mr Masheter is keen to help them funnel this towards setting achievable short, mid, and long-term goals so that they grow into accomplished industry leaders.

Label One’s workshops have been focused on taking the time to think about the future to empower young professionals. It’s easy for professionals to jump from one task to another without giving themselves time to think about their bigger picture. Label One is adamant that blocking out time to assess their current performance and abilities, and weighing this up against the level they want to reach is crucial to professionals staying on course and developing resilience.

Understanding that it is hard to sit down alone and think tangibly about future goals, Label One has been encouraging people to work together throughout these workshops. Label One is not only confident that this is creating greater accountability for professionals but is also inspiring more creative thinking, and helping to bring together a connected community within the company.

Label One is set to continue holding workshops on bigger picture thinking, especially in the coming months as the company expands throughout the Sheffield market. Confident that that best way to move forward together is through empowerment, the firm will be offering continued opportunities for its professionals to expand their skills and business know-how.

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