Label One Inspires Success at the Seaside

Label One Inspires Success at the Seaside

Label One has shared that a handful of its best brand ambassadors will be leaving its Sheffield base for a week by the sea; heading up an event marketing campaign in Blackpool.

The trip will present the opportunity for brand ambassadors to take a crash course in campaign management; putting the business and leadership skills they’ve been developing daily through Label One’s mentoring to the test.

The week-long campaign also looks to be a positive experiment for Label One’s client, whose brand the Blackpool crew will be representing. The number of visitors to the seaside resort during warmer months has increased year on year, with 2017 seeing 3.2m adult visitors, compared to 2.75m in 2016. This steady influx of visitors promises a highly diverse audience for the upcoming pop-up campaign which could return some exciting results.

Label One is convinced that working in new locations is hugely advantageous. ‘Road trips help people to embrace the unexpected, and people who thrive in this environment are often among the most spontaneous, positive and resourceful individuals. These are the people that can achieve fantastic things in our industry, so how people perform on the road is a great insight for us as to the success they could reach’, states a spokesperson from Label One.

With more trips organised for rest of the year, Label One is eager to increase its workforce and is appealing to adventurous, hands-on individuals keen to escape the 9 to 5 to take up the challenge.

Alongside regular UK travel opportunities, Label One provides its brand ambassadors with daily skills workshops, mentoring, and a positive reward culture, to help them lay the foundations for lifelong success.

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