Label One Reveals Plans to Brighten Up the Sales and Marketing Industry

Label One Reveals Plans to Brighten Up the Sales and Marketing Industry

Coming from a Hospitality background, Managing Director at Label One, James Masheter has shared how he is bringing the social side of the industry to his business.

James Masheter, Managing Director of Label One, has been discussing the influence his hospitality background has had on his business. In the years before establishing his sales and marketing firm Label One, Mr Masheter held many hospitality roles including Casino croupier, chef and bar manager.

After a short break living in Russia after University, Mr Masheter returned to the UK and the hospitality industry ‘I came back and started running cocktail bars again, but I didn’t want to be doing that for the rest of my life’, outlines the Managing Director. It was this desire for more professional progression that led him to the sales and marketing industry, and ultimately, the launch of Label One.

Mr Masheter’s time in hospitality has inspired him to create a similar culture within his company; focused on combined effort and creating a social, fun environment. He is eager to promote that when it comes to laying solid foundations for a prosperous future, people shouldn’t have to choose between their professional progression and their social lives. ‘When I came to the business world I didn’t want something office based or on the phones, because I still like the people side of hospitality, the social, working with your friends’ aspect of it. Everyone deserves the chance to work in an enjoyable environment that brings out their best, and that’s what Label One is here to do’, confirms the Managing Director.

‘When starting the company, I wanted people to see our people and instantly recognise them as working for ‘Label One’. Friends would be telling their friends about how cool the company was and how much fun they are having’ continues Mr Masheter.

The company is achieving this by sustaining a stable reward culture; where commitment and hard work is highly valued. Every month the firm will take its top five performers to do something fun and out of the ordinary, such as go-karting or paintballing. Label One also offers weekly crew nights to motivate the whole workforce and unity, and regular opportunities to travel to the UK’s biggest cities.

Outsourced sales and marketing agency Label One is always on the lookout for talented individuals. Alongside its community culture, candidates can look forward to ongoing support to help them progress at their ideal speed. Find out about their latest opportunities here:

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